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Quarantine 2: Terminal

terminal01Quarantine was released in 2008, and its sequel, Quarantine 2: Terminal, was released in 2011. Both movies are American science fiction horror films. Quarantine 2: Terminal was produced by Marc Brienstock and written and produced by John Pogue. Technically the first movie, Quarantine, was a remake of REC, a Spanish film. The second movie, however, has no connection to any of the REC films, and, in fact, the plot and setting of Quarantine 2: Terminal are completely different.

The film was produced by Marc Brienstock, Doug Davison, Roy Lee, and Sergio Agüero. The film was released on June 17th, 2011, and the running time is 86 minutes. It was given a limited release in theaters. The film was released on August 2nd, 2011, in the United States. It was distributed by Sony Pictures which released the DVD in Australia. Quarantine 2: Terminal edited by William Yeh, and Matthew Irving was responsible for cinematography. Production companies include Andale Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment, Stage 6 films, RCR Media Group, and Third Street Pictures. The movie was shot in Griffin, Georgia, and it was showcased at the Gerardmer Film Festival in France.

The first Quarantine movie followed a reporter and her cameraman as they go to an apartment building following a routine 911 call. Police had already arrived at the scene and they soon discover that one of the tenants there, a woman, had been infected by some sort of illness. After a few people are attacked the news crew attempts to leave the building but can’t, discovering that it is under quarantine by the CDC. They know nothing about what is going on as those on the outside aren’t communicating with those within the apartment building, and they have no Internet or cellphone service.

terminal02The cast for Quarantine 2: Terminal includes Mercedes Masohn as Jenny, Mattie Liptak as George, Josh Cooke as Henry, Noree Victoria as Shilah Washington, Tyler Kunkle as Hvorst, Ignacio Serricchio as Ed Ramirez, Julie Gribble as Susan Britz, Sandra Lafferty as Louise Tredwell, Julie Gribble as Susan Britz, Phillip Devona as Niall Britz, Erin Aine Smith as Nicca, Lamar Stewart as Preston, Lynn Cole as Bev Stevens, Sandra Lafferty as Louise Tredwell, Tom Thon as Doc Stevens, Lynn Cole as Bev Stevens, John Curran as Captain Forrest, Bre Blair as Paula, Andrew Benator as Willsy, George Black as Ralph Bundt, Judd Lormand as Sylvester Jason Benjamin as CDC #1, Beau Turpin as CDC #2, and as Neko Parham as CDC #3.

Much of the story takes place on a plane that is flying from Los Angeles to Nashville, ergo the name Quarantine 2: Terminal. Ralph Bundt, a passenger on said plane, is bitten by a “hamster”–but it is actually a lab rat—and becomes violent and wants to be let off the airplane. The rat belongs to Henry and he brought it along for the purpose of showing his school students. Although Ralph is restrained he still manages to bite Paula, one of the flight attendants. The pilot and copilot decide to land the plane despite it being against orders, and almost everyone is able to get off the plane except for an older couple and the pilots who occupy themselves by trying to contain Ralph. Everyone learns that they have been locked out of the airport and soon the quarantine begins as CDC scientists and armed soldiers enter the scene.

Several of the characters decide to try to make their way back to the airplane in order to get Shilah’s (who is a military medic) medical kit. When they arrive they find that Ralph has escaped and they don’t know where he has gone. They successfully manage to get a gun and the medical kit but before they are able to leave they are attacked by Captain Forrest who has been infected. Niall shoots him but it appears that some of the Captain’s blood may have gotten into Niall’s eye. They find Preston dead and are attacked by another infected person before they finally leave the plane. The group of survivors starts to realize that the virus works somewhat like rabies, spreading through bites. People grow a little uneasy and Henry becomes a target of accusations as he is the one who brought the rat on board, but soon everyone makes amends.

terminal04A small group of armed officers give drugs to the survivors and also release the infected passengers from their confinement, but things don’t go all that smooth. A woman named Louise is bitten by her infected cat before she is treated and another infected man, Doc, ends up biting one of the officers. As things continue to spiral out of control one of the officers explains that he is not in fact with the CDC but rather he belongs to the Department of Homeland Security’s anti-biological terrorism division, known as Chemical Biological Domestic Terrorism. He also reveals that the drugs they had given the passengers were actually experimental antibiotics. The officer soon kills himself after grabbing Niall’s gun—Niall had been infected as well.

As the movie progresses the infected grow in number and the uninfected fight for their lives, continually trying to escape the quarantined area in order to survive. As they search for a way out they are slowly picked off, one by one, by the infected. They find a tunnel which they hope to find a way through to the outside.

Quarantine 2: Terminal, got slightly better reviews than the first Quarantine. The 2008 film got an approval rating of 53% on Rotten Tomatoes, but Quarantine 2: Terminal, got a rating of 86%. It got 5.3/10 stars from IMDb, however, which isn’t a very good rating. Many people do admit that the second movie proved to be better than the first, partly, for some, because it didn’t have anything in common with the REC movies and follows its own pretty original plot. Some people say it is predictable, while others say it is unpredictable. Those who didn’t like the film say that the characters were not interesting and that it should have followed after REC 2.  With the right high speed Internet provider, you can watch these movies on your computer or television.